Getting to Know the Different Types of Wigs

Published: 30th March 2011
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Wigs are artificial hair structures that are placed on the scalp to conceal thinning hairlines. Some think that wigs and hair extensions are one and the same, but wigs are often more useful than hair extensions. Wigs are composed of hair strands that are woven on a cap. To hold the wig in place on a personís head, the wig is secure to the scalp through clips or bobby pins. Extensions, on the other hand, are usually attached to natural hair strands to make the hair look longer.

There are two major categories of wigs and extensions: human hair and synthetic. They differ in quality, texture, and appearance. Human hair structures are composed of natural hair strands. The strands are individually woven on the cap, giving the strands a natural flow and body. Human hair strands used for these wigs have vital hair components such as keratin and cuticle, which enhance the strandsí appearance.

Synthetic wigs and hair extensions have artificial and processed strands of both animal and human hair. The most commonly used strands come from horse, yak, and buffalo. The strands are bleached, dyed, and permed. Because they are processed, these strands cannot endure heat during styling. This means that curling irons, blow dryers, and straightening irons canít be used on synthetic hair structures.

Aside from strand composition, wigs such as Tony of Beverly wigs and hair extensions are categorized based on style and appearance. Some common wig styles include Asian, European-quality, European, and Russian wigs. Most hair structures with black, straight strands fall under the Asian category. Because of their easy availability, Asian wigs are often more affordable than other types of wigs.

European-quality and European wigs and hair extensions, despite their similar names, are two dissimilar types of hair structures. The European style is the popular choice for hair extensions. They come in various textures and lengths. High-class European wigs such as Tony of Beverly wigs are commonly produced in Italy and Spain. When they are properly taken care of, these wigs are more durable than others.

Some wig shops and boutiques claim that Russian wig products are the best and most ideal type of wig. However, professional wig artists say synthetic wigs such as Tony of Beverly wigs can be at par with Russian wigs.

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