The Beauty of African American Wigs

Published: 19th January 2011
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African American hair is characterized by curly or kinky hair texture. Its color is a blend of black hue and red blonde, producing a brownish to reddish shade. The beauty of an African American hair lies in the mixture of textures and colors. Some can maintain a long hair whilst sustaining luster and softness. Others prefer having long and kinky hair, with visible shades of red as highlights. On the other hand, some choose short hair-do with the usual African-American look.

Because of their appeal, many people love wearing African American wigs. They use them to alter fashion and style during special occasions. Students use wigs for daily fashion in collegiate civilian wear. Style-conscious women wear them to portray a unique personality amid a pool of Caucasian and Asian hair-dos.

Among women’s most favorite wigs are the front lace wig and full lace wig. These wigs have a long hair body, with a reddish brown shade. They look natural as compared to other wig types. Hair strands are individually fastened onto the wig lace, making the lace look like a natural scalp. Strands fall naturally from the hair roots. The lace camouflages with the scalp, making your hair look natural. Moreover, expensive front lace wigs have baby hairs on the forehead area. This hinders wig lace and enhances wig appearance.

African American wigs can be worn in different ways. Women with long hair braid their natural hair body. This gives way to the fastening of the wig to the entire scalp face. Short hair can be wrapped in a wig cap. A wig cap hides your hair and scalp. However, the wig cap must match your natural skin tone color. This way, the wig lace can easily blend with the scalp face.

Furthermore, African American wigs can be worn with a wig-specific liquid adhesive. This is applied on the upper forehead area, adjacent to the baby hairs. Liquid adhesive must not touch the scalp and hair strands. Chemicals can damage natural hair structure. Likewise, others use adhesive tape to fasten wig lace on the scalp face. This is frequently done by bald women who have undergone chemotherapy. Nevertheless, some simply clip wig strands on their hair lines.

African American wigs are one of the most stylish wig products in the market. Because of this, many Caucasians and Asians purchase them for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

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