The Popularity of Wearing Wigs

Published: 08th December 2010
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Wearing wigs has been a trend ever since the Egyptians decided to cover their bald heads with synthetic hairs. As centuries progress, wigs become an indication of a person’s social standing. Many people in history wore wigs because they are royalties or they have jurisdictions. The use of wigs for fashion purposes, however, started in France.

In the current times, many people use wigs for different reasons. In the field of theatre and arts, wigs are used by actors to help them portray certain roles efficiently. In some cases, people wear wigs to cover their thinning hair or bald head. This is common with people enduring chemotherapies. On a broadest sense, wigs are simply used to make a striking fashion statement.

Few years back, wigs are only common to men. Many people believe that men are more prone to balding, but women too experience hair loss or thinning hair because of different medical conditions. That is why wigs nowadays cater more to women than men. Men and women use wigs to overcome their anxiety and depression over hair loss and be able to feel good despite their conditions.

There are many types of wigs available on the market today – lace wigs, human hair wigs, monofilament wigs, synthetic wigs, hand-tied wigs, and dermafix wigs. The most convenient yet expensive wig type is human hair wig. It is made of real human hair and can be styled in many ways. Many wig makers manufacture human hair in different styles – New Born Free wigs, Vivica Fox wigs, and Estetica wigs to name a few.

These styles (New Born Free wigs, Vivica Fox wigs, and Estetica wigs) also come in synthetic hair materials for people who want to get the same style with a more affordable price. Synthetic wigs are easier to maintain and can come in different cuts and colors. That is why many women prefer synthetic wigs. The drawback, however, with synthetic wigs is that they have shorter life span than human hair wigs. They also can’t be styled using irons and blow dryers because they have the tendency to frizz.

New Born Free wigs, Vivica Fox wigs, and Estetica wigs come in different cuts. These wigs offer all kinds of hair lengths. That is why they is recommended for women who want to have long hair fast or for some who want to try a different do.

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