Where Do Wigs Come From?

Published: 30th March 2011
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Every hair expert would tell a woman that choosing the right type of is the key to maximizing its benefits. One thing that should always be considered is the material used in its construction. Each one has unique characteristics that may or may not make it the right fit for someone. The following are the most common materials used by manufacturers across the globe.

Animal Hair

Horse and buffalo hair is sometimes used for wigs. Because they mimic some of the properties of human hair, these materials lend themselves well to the manufacturing process. However, they also have coarser textures than the real thing. This is the reason why wigs made from animal hair are usually of the cheaper variety. They are most commonly used for stage plays and the other performance arts.

Human Hair

Human hair is probably the most sought after wig material by users and manufacturers alike. Its natural qualities are much sought after. It can be easily styled and treated just like regular hair. In addition, these wigs move naturally as well; one characteristic that most women are after for in a wig. Since these pieces are often of the best quality, they can cost quite a bit of money.

Synthetic Fibers

Another popular wig material is synthetic fibers. Artificial variants come in acrylic, nylon, polyester, and many others. Modern processing methods allow synthetic wigs to behave like real hair. They also possess styling advantages – they have a better tendency to maintain a particular style than human hair wigs. The flexible nature of synthetic fibers makes it easier for manufacturers to customize them for different women. New Born Free wigs, which specifically cater to the African-American female market, are a great example of this versatility.


There are also some wigs made of a combination of two or more materials. New Born Free wigs, for example, have models made of a mixture of both human hair and topnotch artificial fibers. It’s a common practice for many manufacturers.

Wearing the right wig provides several benefits and advantages. It is a step in the right direction to pick a hairpiece made from a suitable material. Whether they’re New Born Free wigs or other types of hair accessories, it must be kept in mind that it is the material that dictates how effective a wig would be to its owner.

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